Mainland to HongKong transportation advantage

①:Mainland to HongKong land lorry line has more than 10 vehicles everyday shuttle line

②:Inventory system automatic feed info to mention transportation status

③:HongKong docks airports and warehouse from different zone ensure any unexpected delay

④:Online CS, design optimal solution to customers according its cargo volume

⑤:Can handle formal export and import works to both parties consignee and consigner

⑥:Same day arrival delivery, second day arrival for option

sea shipping

LCL sea shipping

Mainland to HongKong operational advantage

①:With expertise to load and avoid any unexpected sorting for inspection, enhance efficiency

②:Experienced in handling export and import paper work at customs,

③:Customs gate 24 hours specialist standby, to ensure fast release

④:HongKong airport dock warehouse, and private and commercial address delivery

Other service

Can handle domestic pick up, and transit logistics

Can prepay domestic transportation fee

Can prepay goods cost for shipper

Can collect goods cost for buyer

Can collect freight at destination

Mainland to HongKong freight cost

Mainland to HongKong land lorry cost - deliver to door

Delivery area Minimum
Park fee
九龙A区(荃湾、青衣、美孚、荔枝角、长沙湾、深水步、大角咀、石硖尾、旺角、油麻地、佐敦、何文田、尖沙咀、红勘、土瓜湾、九龙塘、新浦岗、九龙湾、观塘、油塘、大围、小沥源、石门工业区)注:排仓费另计 ¥350.00 ¥1.00 ¥100.00 At cost
九龙B区 (将军澳) (黄大仙)(元朗)新界区(上水、粉岭、沙田、马鞍山、大埔、西贡、洪水桥、屯门、屏山、天水围)注:排仓费另计 ¥400.00 ¥1.00 ¥100.00 At cost
港岛区(湾仔、北角、柴湾、中环、上环,铜锣湾)半山区,鸭梨州,利州,屋村. 注:排仓费另计 ¥450.00 ¥1.00 ¥100.00 At cost
机场仓(指赤腊角机场仓及其货仓),码头仓(指葵涌1-8号货柜码头和在门内河码头货仓)注:排仓费另计 ¥500.00
¥1.00 ¥100.00 At cost
大屿山区,东涌、愉景湾,会展中心,沙头角,柏丽湾,迪士尼,梅窝,南吖岛坪州,长州 ¥1000.00 ¥1.00 ¥100.00 At cost
Sensitive goods are the goods contains battery, liquid, foods (no meat, milk, egg and goods ingredient contains them, if it has, must apply permit ),  Prohibited goods are not allowed transport; such as cigarette, and alcohol, or need authorized documents

Mainland to HongKong daily schedule

cut off time declare time pass through time pick time delivery time
Express night shift  12:00 pm second day 9:00 am 10:00 -12:00 am 3:00-11:00 pm 3:00 - 8:00 pm
Express middle shift 2:00 pm 4:00 pm 6:00 - 7:00 pm 8:00 pm second day 8:00 am
general trade cargo night shift 9:00 pm 6:00 pm 11:00 pm second day 9:00 am 10:00 am


Note: Above offer only available in a given period, freight cost often keep floating, to ensure the transaction without any hidden fee, each shipment should be confirmed by DJcargo CS representative before conducting. DJcargo reserves the right of final explanation!

Mainland ship to HongKong procedure

Make sure what mode of shipping you are going to use

To choose suitable shipping mode to ship your cargo, firstly,  you should know your cargo detailed information, such as dimension, weight, packaging, quantity, shipper's address, consignee address, what shipping term you used for your trading work. then there are many mode of shipping from Mainland to HongKong for your choice.

LCL consolidation sea shipping (DDU/DDP  CIF/FOB / Ex-work)

FCL entire container sea shipping (DDU/DDP  CIF/FOB /Ex-work)

Air freight (DDU/DDP/ Ex-work)

Courier express (DDU/DDP)

Small parcel sea shipping (DDU/DDP/Ex-work)

Amazon FBA/ Shopee/ Lazada/ Taobao/ Pingduoduo/ Jindong/... cargo shipping

Learn the procedure of shipping for what documentation you should provide

Each of shipping mode we would explain you, and advice you a very suitable freight method for your cargo movement. basically you should provide us goods packing list, perform invoice, and cargo.

Learn what job consigner, forwarder, consignee should do

When shipment is confirmed for exact freight method, then let different party (shipper, consigner, factory, warehouse, consignee. middleman...) to do relevant work, DJcargo would coordinate the job for shipment since its beginning to end

Learn how do we handle your coming cargo

Every cargo into our warehouse should be treated inspection for packaging, measure its dimension, weight its weight, feedback to customer if cargo packaging is in bad condition.

Record information to our inventory system, you can see all the details, and storing to different area in warehouse waiting for next step

receive cargo


Learn how do we handle your cargo shipping from origin departure to final destination

Different shipping mode might has different handling procedure, cargo goes through shipping from DJcargo warehouse, our handling procedure as

  1. Cargo into our warehouse, the information of the cargo's labeling, weight, dimension, picture are recording to system
  2. All cargo belong the specific customer arrived, then we confirm with client double check, and gathering all cargo ship it out
  3. Handle export customs formalities, need packing list and invoice from client
  4. Into shipping process, whole procedure monitoring through the track link
  5. Issue invoice to collect freight
  6. Cargo arrival and do destination customs declaration
  7. Make delivery to consignee
    shipping container

Learn how to make freight payment

We normally collect freight cost when cargo is handled shipping out. issue details invoice to client to collect freight

you can pay RMB to our company account, or private account.

you can also pay SGD to our local bank account