It should use formal way to import plants to Singapore, importer should apply CITES permit before taking the plants into SG, the goods must have CERTIFICATE PHYTOSANITAIRE, and commercial inspection before ship to Sg. all documentation fully prepared before shipping the cargo is most important. as Singapore customs wouldn't  ease up inspection in accordance with its importing requirement.

Recent many Singapore local customers asking if they buy succulent plants from taobao online shop and get it ships to their address in Singapore. quantity is not too many, sometime several pots, few kilogram, and without any right documents to as a pass to bring it into SG. yes, we could help to handle these cargo ship to Sg from Cn. succulents goods can't ship through air freight, only sea freight is most reliable. use small parcel air freight is good choice, succulents can survive from time about 15 days during shipping without sunshine

1. ask vendor have the soil disinfected, no germs, insects

2. the succulent plants bud not too big, no booming

3. make sure the soils in pots not spreading outside, product package use small cartons to do packaging

4. outside packages use 7 layers cartons to do packaging.

5. the quantity of each shipment not load too many. (less than 10 pots)
succulent plants